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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Whether you're renting and your tenancy is coming to an end, or you're a landlord and you want your property looking its best for new tenants, call us.

We carry out end of tenancy cleaning for a large number of letting agents, private landlords and property management companies in and around Brighton and Hove, as well as individual tenants who want to safeguard their deposit.

Inventory Standard

Some businesses offering house or flat cleaning use household products and machines. If you use a business such as this you can expect to get what is referred to in the trade as a 'good domestic' standard of cleaning: basically something you can achieve yourself.

For just a little more money, you can hire a business with commercial machines and industrial-strength cleaning products - one that will achieve a standard of cleaning to satisfy an inventory company. Don't take chances with your deposit. We have many years' experience and we are regularly contracted by letting agents, landlords and inventory companies so we know exactly what they want.

A typical end of tenancy cleaning contract would see us doing the following work

In the Kitchen

  • inside and outside kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • clean the oven, hob and extractor (please note ovens are an optional extra, please see below)
  • clean kitchen tiles and worktops
  • clean and descale sink

In the bathroom

  • Clean and descale bath / shower, taps, shower attachment and cubicle / screen and all tiled areas
  • Remove limescale from toilet

Throughout the property

  • clean all woodwork
  • clean all radiators
  • clean all electrical sockets
  • vacuum all floors
  • mop hard floor areas
  • remove all cobwebs

Prices from:

   basic * plus carpets
Studio flat £80 add £50
1 bedroom flat £100 add £60
2 bedroom flat £125 add £80
3 bedroom flat £150 add £100
2 bedroom house £135 add £90
3 bedroom house £160 add £110

* PLEASE NOTE - oven(s) not included, for single oven cleaning add £50, double oven cleaning add £75.

Extra bathrooms add £25 per bathroom.

Please note that the prices are only a guide and are assuming an unfurnished property that has had reasonably careful tenants. If the property is in a very bad condition we will need to visit and assess before we can give you a quote.